Kitty's first trip to the Groomer

Your Cat’s First Grooming Appointment

 If this is your first time bringing your cat to the groomers (or to a new groomer), there’s just a few things you’ll need to either prepare ahead of time or bring with you.

 Cat Should Be Inside a Secure Carrier

 For your cat’s safety, they should arrive inside a secure carrier. They should NOT be transported in:

  • Laundry Basket

  • Pillowcase or Bag

  • Cardboard Box

  • Wire Dog Kennel

  • Carrier Your Cat Has Previously Escaped From

Our preferred carrier is a plastic carrier with both front and top doors. This carrier offers more than one way of getting the cat in and out safely. Several days before your cat’s appointment, you should find and bring out the carrier. To make it comfortable for your cat, make sure you have wiped it down with cat-safe cleaning products (especially if it has been sitting out in your garage or shed). Also check that the carrier is in good repair, including the doors and any screws, latches or velcro/mesh on the sides. Zip-ties can be used on the sides if you are missing any screws or to reinforce the sides of the carrier.   Be sure the carrier is securely placed on seat and seatbelt is wrapped around it or secured so carrier isn’t bouncing or moving.

Check out our blog on best carriers and safe ways to transport kitty.

To make your cat more comfortable, add a small towel or thin cat bed to the floor of the carrier. Leave the carrier out in your living room for the days leading up to the appointment. Many cats associate the carrier with going to scary places like the vet, so it is better to have it sit out versus having to chase a scared cat the morning of your appointment.

 Vaccine and/or Veterinary Records

Many groomers will require specific vaccines or proof of veterinary records. This could include Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV, a clean bill of health, etc. If the groomer has this policy, they will not be able to groom your pet if the appropriate paperwork can’t be verified. To avoid being turned away at your appointment, you should make sure to have this paperwork handy or send it your groomer ahead of time for confirmation. 

 Here are the vaccines we require (by CT Law) :Cat's Meow Resort requires all of our feline guests to have the following vaccinations: Rabies (1 or 3 year vaccine) and FVRCP (1 year vaccine)

 Pictures of the Groom You Want

 Grooming terms like Lion Cut, Puppy Cut, “just a trim” or “thinning the coat” can mean different things to different groomers. Miscommunication can lead to a finished look you aren’t happy with. To minimize this risk, make sure to spend time chatting with your grooming about your pet’s coat condition, what options are available and what the finished groom will look like. 

Groomers are very visual! Bringing in pictures of previous grooms you’ve been happy with, or several pictures of grooms you have found online can help your groomer visualize what you are looking for. 

 Here are a few options we have at Cat’s Meow.

What Not to Bring

 While groomers want your cat to be comfortable in a new environment, there are several items that should stay at home or be discussed with the groomer before packing them for the first appointment.

 Food or Treats - If your cat has dietary restrictions, then bringing a few appropriate treats to give to your groomer (for after your cat’s groom) is fine. But limit feeding a full meal or a lot of treats on the way to the groomer as some cats can get motion sickness during car rides.

 Toys - While toys are fun at home, they may provide too much of a distraction (good or bad) during a grooming appointment or while getting the cat in or out of their carrier. It would be best to save their favorites for playtime at home.

 Medications or Sedatives - Even over the counter medications (especially things for “calming” purposes) should always be discussed with your groomer prior to arriving for their appointment. 

 Please click here to read our new Covid policies for drop off and pick up.


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