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Kim Thomas holding cat who is being boarded at cat hotel in CT

Cat’s have nine lives, but I only have one— and I always strive to make a difference.

My career has been eclectic to say the least; from studying in Paris, consulting in DC, finance in New York, then a start-up venture in Chicago to manufacturing in Connecticut. All these experiences have had a through line, I was most content when I came home to my beloved tabby, Simba and Seal Point Himalayan, Sampson. What if I could combine the skills I acquired, with my passion for felines, in a way that created a whole new option for cat lover’s like myself. Cat’s Meow Resort was created for you and your beloved cats in mind.

It began small. I returned to Connecticut and founded West Hartford Pet Sitters in 2006, one of the first petsitting companies in the area. While working in this field, I noticed some cats who had very neglected fur. I just thought it was clumpy and didn’t know a lot about matted fur. I pursued dog grooming and started a mobile dog grooming business, The Mobile Pet Spa. While attending dog grooming seminars, I learned that cat’s also require grooming. I met the founder of the National Cat Groomer’s Institute, shadowed a professional certified cat groomer, and immediately knew I wanted to groom cats and make them feel like the glorious creatures that they are.

I became a Master Cat Groomer and researched the latest trends to ensure my service would be state-of-the-art.

Next, I started grooming cats in the mobile operation and found a real niche. I was overwhelmed and grateful to all of my wonderful clients and their generous and kind owners. But something was missing in the marketplace. A place where cat's could enjoy luxurious, stress-free, happy cat boarding without the distraction and fear of dogs —- along with the latest in cat grooming. Cat’s Meow Resort was born.

Truly, it is a game-changer, as very few exist in the northeast, let alone the world. We take great pride in treating each cat individually, catering to their particular personalities , and providing an experience that exceeds even their finicky expectations. As we grow, we look forward to contributing a portion of our profits to cat rescue and adoption services, as well.

I look forward to meeting you and your beloved(s) and making a difference in their life and yours.

- Kim Thomas

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