Should I get Pet Insurance?

We want to protect the things we care about the most like our beloved pets.  Since today marks National Pet Insurance Awareness Day, many people will be reevaluating insurance plans to be sure the coverage continues to meet their pet’s needs.

Unfortunately, our furry friends age, can get sick, have injuries and require expensive vet bills. Luckily, there is pet insurance.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Having a quality insurance plan for your pet can help with your pet’s overall care from routine checkups, injuries and chronic issues. 

Without insurance, everyday vet bills can stack up throughout your furry friend’s life. If your trusted furry friend gets sick or injured, undergoes extensive surgery, or needs intensive care, covering the bill can be a stressful situation.

Opting to have an insurance plan for your beloved pet can help eliminate unnecessary stress when handling your pet’s medical bills. While not every insurance plan is made equal, many will cover your needs and provide more return for your money.

Is the most expensive Plan the best?

When deciding on the best insurance, it’s best to be informed. These are some questions you might want to ask:

-          Do they allow me to build my own budget?

-          Is the plan customizable?

-          Is there any upper age limit?

-          Is there a pet tele-health hotline I can call?

-          Is there hip dysplasia and cancer coverage?

-          Can I go to my vet or any vet?

-          What is the reimbursement rate? Deductible? Do they pay my vet directly?

-          Any sign-up fees, add-ons, can I cancel anytime?

-          Is the coverage comprehensive?

-          Are they open 24/7?

Take time to review the plan. Don’t forget to read the fine print (don’t just take the sales person’s word); make sure they show where in the plan it’s shown what is covered. Some plans start off very affordable when your pet is young, then increase substantially as your pet ages. Other insurances allow you to opt-out of coverage for less-costly care ––wellness exams and preventative care are examples –– in favor of coverage for more significant unexpected expenses like injury/surgery.

We hope this has helped if you you are considering insurance for your pet.

Sometimes you can get insurance through your home or car insurance company. If you are still searching, here’s a list of popular companies:

  1. 4Paws

  2. ASPCA

  3. Embrace

  4. Figo

  5. Geico

  6. Healthy Paws

  7. Pet’s Best

  8. PetFirst

  9. Trupanion

  10. Nationwide

  11. PetAssure


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