Allergic to Your Cat? Tips to Get Relief From Cat Allergies

Love your cat, but not her fur?

Are you allergic to your cat?

Allergies are common for many pet owners. Symptoms of cat allergies can range from mild irritation to full blown red eyes and breathing issues. Whether you or guests to your home suffer from cat allergies, there are many ways to reduce the amount of hair floating around the house and from spreading the allergen in every nook and cranny.

You’re not allergic to your cat’s fur but to the saliva on your cat’s tongue

The allergen that causes the problem is a type of protein located mainly in cat saliva. When the cat licks itself the allergen is spread all over its body. But the real issue is when the cat sheds excess dead hair, which will carry the allergen throughout the house, in bedding and furniture, carpeting and even the air vents! Reducing the amount of cat hair found in your house is a surefire way to reduce symptoms of mild to moderate cat allergies. 

High-Quality Diet

While any patches of hair loss, excessive hairballs or skin irritation may indicate a health problem, feeding a high quality diet can help healthy cats have a beautiful, shiny coat. Healthy skin and coat reduces breakage and damage, which can help decrease some excessive shedding. Talk to your veterinarian about an ideal diet plan for your cat’s age, lifestyle, preferences and any dietary requirements.

Rubber Curry Brush

Short-haired cats are notoriously abundant shedders! However, using brushes and combs that are better suited to dogs can cause damage to a cat’s delicate skin and coat. Rubber curry brushes are perfect for short-haired cats. The rubber attracts dead coat, while your cat will love the massaging finger tips as you run the brush over their back and sides. A rubber curry brush is gentle enough to use every day! You will be amazed at the dead coat that collects with these little brushes. Always go in the direction of the coat to keep the experience positive for your kitty.

De-Shedding Groom Every 6-8 weeks

While nothing will completely eliminate a cat from shedding it’s hair, our professional cat groomers at Cat’s Meow Resort can solve the problem by giving your kitty a bath and relaxing cool dry.

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