Is a cat hotel right for my cat?

Finding the best cat care option for your best friend can be daunting. There are many option: kennel, cat hotel, at home pet sitter, friend or family member or having your kitty stay with your family member.

While we worry about our beloved cat leaving the comfort of home, there are times when staying at a cat hotel/resort is better for you and your precious cat.

Having your cat stay somewhere that is quiet, yet enriching will enable you to feel better when you need to travel or need her to stay away from home.

Are you working long hours? Gone are the days of leaving kitty home alone for 12 hours plus. Most cat owners now treat their cats like their children and dote on them and the kitties get used to this attention.

Do you need short-term care? Day boarding is a great option in times when having kitty around could be stressful for both of you — renovations, parties, moving day or bringing home a new baby. Need long-term care? Is there loud construction going on in your area or are you doing a home renovation which is stressing your cat(s) out?

Does you cat need to follow a strict medicine schedule? Deviating from this schedule can be very risky and dangerous. Having an untrained person or someone who doesn’t pay attention to detail can be dangerous for your cat.

Has your kitty recently lost a family pet she was bonded with? At a cat-exclusive resort, we offer entertainment and enrichment options. Cat’s love being around people and we are cat experts who can read their behavior and make them feel comfortable.

Does your cat get into mischief? A cat daycare or cat resort is perfect for these kitties who get into mischief at home. We keep kitty safe and away from eating dangerous plants, knocking over sharp objects or glass or ingesting toys.

It's natural to be worried about your fur baby when they leave home, especially the first time. You can take comfort in knowing that they'll be well cared for at our luxury cat resort. Plus, you’ll have the added comfort of being able to watch her 24/7 with our kitty cams!

What are your cat’s dietary/medical requirements? Our cat experts will feed and give medication to your kitty. We are conveniently located next to a vet in case your kitty needs medical attention.

We offer tours so you can see if Cat’s Meow Resort is a good fit for your kitty.

It's natural to be worried about your kitty when they leave home, but once you’ve checked out Cat’s Meow Resort, you’ll take comfort in knowing that they'll be well cared for at our cat-exclusive resort and spa.


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