CT Fireworks and Your Pet's Safety

The 4th of July and days before and after can be a cause for celebration. Fireworks are beautiful, but can be very scary for our cats. The sound is loud, unfamiliar, erratic and can scare our cats.

Here’s a list of safety tips we created to help you prepare your cat for the celebrations before, during and after the Fourth of July.

July 4th Safety Tips for your Cat

  • Keep your cat in a safe room at least an hour prior to the fireworks going off. If you don’t know when they are scheduled, contact your town hall or local FB or Neighborhood groups.

  • Provide your cat with comfort items, such as her bed, and a favorite toy to help calm her nerves.

  • Playing classical music or leaving the TV or radio on to dull the noise outside may also be soothing.

  • Microchip: Make sure your cat's microchip is working and is registered.

Calming Aids:

  • Some cats get very anxious and scared when the fireworks celebrations begin. Other cats don't seem to mind at all. If your cat needs extra reassurance to calm her nerves, consider using Feliway, Rescue Remedy or Anti-anxiety Meds.

  • Thundershirt makes a cat wrap (like a swaddle) which compresses the cats body and the company and reviewers claim calms their cat’s anxiety.

  • Feliway pheromone spray/diffuser: Feliway resembles the facial pheromones that your cat uses to mark her territory. When your cat rubs her cheek against something, she is depositing her pheromones on it, claiming it as hers. Pheromones give your cat a sense of calm that may help her better cope with the stress that fireworks and other loud noises can cause.

  • Rescue Remedy is an all-natural product applied to drinking water.

  • For some cats, anti-anxiety meds, prescribed by your vet, are needed. Such is the case with repeated days of fireworks, new sounds and people and for cats new to your home.

Please let us know if you have any tips that have worked for your kitties and have a great holiday!

If you plan to attend any shows, here’s the list we compiled:

Friday June 30

Monday, July 3 -

Tuesday, July 4

Saturday, July 8

Saturday, July 15

  • Newington Extravaganza - Mill Pond Park, Time: Event starts at 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Fireworks at 9:30 p.m.. Rain Date: 7/16/2023


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